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AVA Hunter

Ava Hunter has been writing stories all her life. They always somehow end up with a sexy alien romance and a paranormal twist. This only encourages her to keep writing. She is a huge fan of alien shows and all things paranormal. Keep up with all things Ava by following on Facebook, Amazon and signing up for her newsletter.

Alien Romance ebooks

Kral may be the galaxy’s fiercest alien warrior. But there’s one thing he’s never gone up against.

A Strong. Human. Woman.

You think your boss is bad?
Try working for an alien.
He’s a gorgeous macho jerk that thinks Earth women are just cheap labor and baby makers!
Now I work for a hot warrior alien who doesn’t believe in paying fair wages.
It doesn’t matter if he makes my pulse race
A girl’s got bills to pay.

So what’s a human woman to do?
Simple. Organize a strike.

Now it’s me against the grumpy alien boss.

We’re going head-to-head.
There’s just one problem.
Our “negotiations” always end up with his hands all over me.
If only I didn’t beg him to put them there.
I can’t be caught on my knees…
Not when I’m supposed to be bringing him to his!

We have to figure out a compromise.
He has to learn to be a good boss.
And that employees need a fair wage to live
Kral might seem like the boss from hell.
But all I want is for him to take me to Heaven.

So the next negotiation is how quickly we can make ourselves a baby.


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